w0cka fl0kka
18 wonderful months

I am blessed to have the greatest, amazing boyfriend. A boyfriend who loves me unconditionally, has his priority straight and make me happy at the same time. Really, what man can cater to a girl like that? He makes me laugh all the time, he tries supporting me all the time. Whether he tries to make me feel better, financially help me, or trying to be there for me. I have so much to say about him! He is hands down the best man!!! I am literally so lucky. I really want to share all the great times we had and show you how much he has done for me, but that’ll get kinda annoying… Yikes. He really does so much for me and is super understanding all the time.

How's your love life going?

Really amazing. Me and my boo are really great. Thanks for asking :-)

I have a crush on you but I have a girlfriend. I think that in itself made me realize that I don't want to be with this girl.

Sorry… Don’t be with her if you’re not happy, but don’t leave her if you’ll miss her. If u stay with her, better build a stronger and better connection! Make it work :-) And it’s just a crush. I’m sure many relationships endure that and it’s just a phase

I am so done doing good deeds for people countless times and not getting any thank you or anything in return. Let’s be honest, it feels good to give, but I feel like people take advantage of me. #whoareyourrealfriends?

A little update. I think maybe because April was a really really busy month for us that we didn’t have time for each other and I guess we bicker so much because of it. It’s May and we’re both stress free. I mean not really, but we get to hang out more and all that crap. I’m starting to feel like how it was when we first got together IDK HOW OR WHY HOLY. I’m so in love like I can’t handle. I can’t explain how happy I am when I’m with him.